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Improving the Precision Agriculture Using Machine Learning Technique

Abstract: Nowadays, Machine learning technique is widely used in many different fields such as healthcare, Stock Market, Agricultural. Machine Learning is used in many agricultural applications including yield prediction algorithms, pest and diseases detection, automatic harvest system. This technology has a large contribute portion to the improvement of agricultural. However, there are still many challenges and roadblocks on applying machine learning technique in agricultural. Machine learning is a technology to help improve agricultural. It cannot be a stand-alone solution for problems in agricultural. Therefore, the application that is implemented in agricultural has to be a practical application that align with others existing technologies. Furthermore, machine learning by the word itself tells us that it will requires lots of data, so the gaps in data collection and preparation makes challenge in applying machine learning technique in agricultural. In this study, we focus on data collection strategies and practical implementation of Machine Learning techniques that is mainly aimed at automating vision part of gardening to solve real world problems in agriculture.

Figure 1. Automatic Data Collecting System in Greenhouse


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